About Us

Hi Everyone! Our names are Kelly and Ben.


We are two board game enthusiasts from East Sussex in the South East of England, we have been together for 8 years.

Kelly as a kid enjoyed playing Hasbro type games with her family at Christmas but had always loved the way those games brought the family together. That was up until meeting Ben...


Ben was brought up with a love of board games by his godfather who has been into the hobby from a young age. At every family get together there would be a game on the table like Settlers of Catan, Landlord or Bohnanza. 

Throughout our relationship, our love of modern board games has grown and grown and along with it our board game collection! We are equally bad influences on one another when it comes to buying new games.


Kelly has always had a passion for photography and writing, and decided that she wanted to document our adventures in gaming via social media so started an Instagram page. We were humbled by the following that we gained on Instagram and by the positive response that we have received from the wonderful board game community as well a number of board game publishers via the social network.


This spurred us into wanting to create more board game related content hence us building our own website where we will be posting regular board game reviews.

To contact us for reviews or collaborations message us on instagram or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Where did we get our name?

On our first viewing of our flat together as we were being walked around by the estate agent we spotted a large cupboard in the corner of the open plan living room/ kitchen area. We both looked at the cupboard and then immediately glanced towards each other. In a silent communication we both knew what the other was thinking… that will be our game cupboard.  


And with that “The Game Cupboard” was born.

Once moved into our flat we quickly began hosting game evenings with a group of friends and now have a close-knit game group that we play with regularly. Our love for the hobby has grown and grown ever since.

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