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Paris: La Cité de la Lumière

2 players

Duration: 30 Minutes

Age: 12+

Designer: Jose Antonio Abascal Acebo

Publisher: Devir

Artist: Oriol Hernández

Description from the publisher: PARIS, 1889. The
Exposition Universelle was the perfect opportunity to the amaze the world with the power of electricity. Thanks to its network of gas streetlights, Paris had already been known as the “city of lights” since the beginning of the 1800s, but the implementation of electric public lighting left the entire globe awestruck.

You will take on the role of one of the city’s most important personalities. The success of your endeavors will be guaranteed by ensuring that the buildings you build and own are bathed in as much light as possible. Inspire artists and surprise both Parisians and visitors alike with the beauty and wonder of the city’s new lights!

We don't have very many strictly 2 Player games in our collection,


OUR OVERALL THOUGHTS - We really enjoyed Paris & think it’s a really lovely two player game, possibly even our favourite in the “polyomino” genre so far.


The game is easy to learn, quick to play & at the same time has a decent amount of strategy to explore.

ART, COMPONENTS & TABLE PRESCENCE - The play area is integrated into the box which works really well as well as being a very unique element. This also makes Paris a great game to take out & about or when travelling.


The art in the game is absolutely stunning & perfectly portrays the enchanting beauty of Paris at the time using gorgeous post-Impressionism art (which we absolutely adore! 😍)


FINAL ROUNDUP - We have already fallen in love with this game & I’m pretty sure we’ll be trying to get our hands on the expansion for this one in the future!

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