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Reviews & Previews

Welcome to the home of Reviews and Previews by The Game Cupboard!


Here we will be showcasing reviews for a wide variety of games, ranging from recent releases to old favourites in our collection or even previews for upcoming Kickstarters and game releases.

Reviews found here feature games that we have played and re played on multiple occasions, this gives us the opportunity to delve into the strategy and cover the game from all different aspects based on multiple experiences.

We aim to provide open, honest and unbiased reviews, regardless of whether a game is a copy from our own personal collection or one that has been gifted to us by the publisher. If we have been gifted a game we will always declare it at the beginning of the review.


Please browse our full selection of reviews here...


We hope that we will be able to recommend something to you that you will go on to play and love!

King of 12

Can you master the stones of power and become the King of 12 in this snappy trick taking game?

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