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Roll and Write Mondays
Paper Dungeons.png

Paper Dungeons

Explore dungeons, fight villains and conquer the glory in a hack and slash adventure.

Metro x v2.png

Metro X

Create the most valuable subway network in this snappy transport puzzler.


Railroad Ink

Build a network of rails and roads throughout a fiery landscape

Welcome to V2.png

Welcome to...

Design the most appealing 1950s neighborhood, with fences, parks, and swimming pools.

Match 5.png

Match 5

Use your imagination to find an answer to each of ten combinations in three minutes.

On Tour v2.png

On Tour

You're living the dream. You're in a band and they’re about to go on tour.

Rolling Ranch.jpg

Rolling Ranch

A hurricane destroyed all the fences on your ranch and the animals escaped! Can you get them back?

Welcome to Dino World V2.png

Welcome to Dino World

Create the best dino theme park using routes, facilities, and of course… dinosaurs!

Cartographers v2.png


The Queen's cartographers compete to sketch the most efficient maps.

Patchwork Doodle V2.png

Patchwork Doodle

Build your quilt with Tetris style pieces in this Patchwork roll and write

Trails of Tucana V2.png

Trails of Tucana

Flip & write to create the most efficient trail network on the island of Tucana

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