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The Enigmagram

Creators: Thomas Kee and Louise Abband.

Description: Puzzle based message experience.

Duration: 1 – 2 approximately to solve.

Cost: £13.99 shipped anywhere in the world.

What is an Enigmagram?

An Enigmagram is a unique way to send a message to friends and family by post. They contain a series of paper-based clues and puzzles for the recipient to crack in order to discover a code and unlock your message.

How does an Enigmagram work? 

When someone buys an Enigmagram they upload a message, this might be in the form of a video, an image, text or audio. They enter the name and address of the recipient and off it goes.

The recipient of the Enigmagram will receive a letter explaining that they have received a message from someone they know. In order to gain access to that message however, they will need to solve a series of puzzles to reveal a password. With the password they’ll be able to access the message from a secret online location (if they get stuck they can access clues and the answers via this same website).

What did we think of The Enigmagram?

The Enigmagram is unique and refreshing idea which creates a really engaging way of sending a message. As silly as it sounds there is a real excitement that can come from receiving a mysterious letter such as The Enigmagram through the post. 

The whole thing comes neatly packaged in an elegant looking envelope with a wax seal on the back. Enclosed is a letter addressed to you by name with another tied envelope titled "puzzles".


As a recipient receiving an Enigmagram opening it up and laying out each of the components in front of you is immediately exciting, knowing that you must solve the puzzles in order to crack the code and receive your message. It makes you eager to immediately get started.


The production quality of The Enigmagram overall is of a really high standard, the appearance and physical quality of the puzzles enclosed are first rate. Each of the puzzles is perfectly themed and cleverly designed – one of them is designed to look as though it has been snipped right out of a newspaper (That’s all you’re getting though; we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprises for everyone else!)

There are a good mix of puzzles included within an Enigmagram which vary in difficulty, there are some puzzles that are on the easier side and others that will get the gears in your brain whirring even if you are a more seasoned puzzler!

We found that on a couple of the puzzles we thought we had nailed the answer to them only to find we were wrong when we entered them on the website, prompting us to go back over these and ponder them again for a while.

On the whole we couldn't recommend The Enigmagram more, it is such a fantastic, exciting and inventive way to send a message to family and friends!

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